ScrapServices We Provide

We provide quality scrap services..

We ensure that your excess materials don’t go to waste all while maximizing the value you receive in return.

Service 1


We specialize in processing secondary aluminum & zinc alloy ingots. Our dedicated workforce collects, cleans and process scrap material from our wide network of suppliers across the region.

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Service 2


We recycle metals from aluminum to zinc, as we continuously enhance our efficiency by investing in modern machinery, including shears, balers, shredders and granulators.

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Service 3


Our team of experts handle the trading of secondary scrap metals to our clients worldwide.



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Service 4

Non Ferrous Processing

Non-Ferrous scrap consists of base metals that are non-magnetic. We offer non-ferrous processing services to the general public, demolitions companies, and private businesses.

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Service 5

Ferrous Processing

Ferrous scrap metal is the base metal that sticks to a magnet. We offer processing services to a host of clients, including private businesses, demolition companies and the general public.

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Service 6

Electronics Recycling

Our environmentally-friendly scrap yard and recycling facilities ensure all DE manufacturing process are recycled no matter their value– even at our own expense.

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